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Welcome to Counseling Services for Parents Living Apart

bullet Assistance to parents in settling disagreements about children's best interests
bullet Psychotherapy for recovery and personal growth during separation and divorce
bullet Courtesy consultation to professionals serving parents and children living apart

Mediation and ASSESSMENT
Custody and placement disputes
Visitation for grandparents, stepparents, and others
"Move-away" relocation of children's primary residence

Co-parent counseling
Eliminating conflict and fostering cooperation between separated and divorced parents

Parent Coordination
Easing communication and decision making for parents unable to cooperate

Divorce Recovery AND Personal Growth
Therapy for adults affected by eparation and divorce

Guardians ad litem
Primary Care Physicians
Mental Health Professionals
School Counselors and Social Workers

As a child of Separation or Divorce,
Your Son or Daughter's Happiness and Success Depends on

bullet Your child's resilience or sensitivity to stressful family change
bullet The quality of care and guidance given by each parent in a meaningful, healthy relationship
bullet Both parents' combined ability to work together and cooperate -- to co-parent -- on the child's behalf

Most of all, your child's best interests rests on

bullet The legacy of family peace or conflict received in childhood and carried into adulthood

I aim to help parents who live apart make and sustain this peaceful base of family security.

-- John Doe, Ph.D.

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